Saturday, 3 August 2013

Electric Bloom

Seeing as I recently spoke about what trends are being seen at this summers hottest festivals, it only seems appropriate to talk about how to add some festival fever to your face.  Although slumming it in a cheap tent is all part of the experience, it  is essential for every girl to maintain a fresh glow, it is completely expected at festivals to  break the boundaries with your make up.  Personally I enjoy adding a unique design on the face, particularly around the eye area as this is something that cannot be done everyday and it allows me to be a complete hippy in fields for a few days. But other looks which I will be trying out this summer include this two-tone lip . 

As soon as I saw this photo on Pinterest I knew this was something i was going to have to try. it seems relatively easy, simple but effective. To begin this look, and with all looks including a strong lip, I would first prepare the lips for the product which is just as important as the lip stick itself. Primers are an excellent product for ensuring that the lip colour will stay and that it will also last longer. Personally, I use MAC Prep & Prime fro Lips. I cannot apply any lip colour without using this primer and highly recommend this brand for a true performance of how primers should work. Following this a lip brush is always needed to ensure perfection when applying the lip colour. Again for me I use Mac's 318 retractable lip brush which works perfectly every time. A steady hand is required. Also, while at festivals it is imperative to go a little crazy and do something outside your comfort zone. My comfort zone is red when it comes to shades! Therefore this summer I am going bold with neon pink, I went through a serious MAC phase a few months ago so most of my products in my beauty bag are this brand so the colours I am recommending are MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme. It really does what it says on the box, and stays on ..... for ages! Especially at a three day event you are going to need something that will go the distance so investing in a long lasting product is worth every penny spent. I would find a shade that suits your skin tone (never be afraid to ask for counter assistance, its what they are paid to do) and get either a shade lighter or a shade darker. Grab your lip brush and gently apply the darker shade onto the brush. Whatever shape you decide to create with the products, start to outline on the lip with this design. Practice before you head away for the weekend to avoid wasting time on the first day trying different designs or shades! Also practicing will help you decide on which shade should be placed where on the lip. This look is definitely original and I do not think many girls will think of this so make sure to try this look before someone else does.  

Cheeks are also a great area to decorate when getting involved in all the festivities. I enjoy the simplicity of just simple little black hearts on cheeks and so easily done. Start by picking up/ grabbing you liquid eye liner (I would recommend the liner stick rather than pot liner as it will be easier to apply). Liquid liner will also stay on the face longer as pencil can fade away really easily, and I would use Rimmels black liner. if you already have pot eye liner, never fear! This will work just as well as the stick, it will just require the assistance of an eyeliner brush for precision. Bobbi Brown have a fantastic eye liner brush and its also award winning so you know your in safe hands. To complete this look I would apply a strong eye with the addition of more liquid eye liner above the lid of the eye and and black pencil liner on the bottom and keeping the lips nude.A great mascara to use is Benefits Bad Gal Waterproof mascara. This will allow the lashes to stand out from the large crowd and get noticed!  This will complete the look of the festival reveler. 

Enjoy the festivals guys, Love C X 

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