Sunday, 17 November 2013

High Life Through The Lens

A couple of months back I watched an intriguing documentary about a photographer by the name of Bill Cunningham (if you haven't heard of him before, google him now!). The man is  living legend. Acting fashion photographer for the New York Times, he has been "obsessively and inventively chronicling fashion trends and high society soiree's" for decades, and has created the street style phenomenally high standards which we have today. As Anna Wintour once said when asked about Bill Cunningham, "We all dress up for Bill". 

For as long as I can remember I have always been interested in fashion and this interest has been endorsed by buying infamous titles such as Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle etc, so fashion photography has been instilled in my love for fashion from a young age. It was only when I saw this documentary "Bill Cunningham New York" that I began to understand the task of fashion photography and the great depts of the industry. For anyone that has the slightest remote interest in the fashion editorial world I highly recommend this documentary. 


As I have said so many times now I'm highly addicted to Pinterest, although my love for Tumblr is growing, my one true love is Pinterest. As I have been so interested in fashion photography, or photography in general, I find this is a fantastic platform to access breath-taking images which can inspire you with ideas for your own fashion photos or, from my personal blogging perspective, inspire post ideas. As someone who is relatively new to blogging and still learning the ropes of the "blogging world", I know photography is a massive contribution to why people are interested in specific blogs and I aim to share with you the most amazing fashion photo's I find (personal style photos included). 

Kate Moss by Kate Garner
Ulyana Sergeenko SS13 by Nickolas Sushkevichr
Caroline Loosen by Julia Saller 
Fashion Crowns by Terry Richardson 

While in my final year of college I worked on my FYP for of intense months which was focused on a Fashion PR, Styling and Events company. During this time I put together many presentations detailing the company concept and various reasons why this would work and be successful. This company was Factory F. I loved every minute of the process and although I am not launching a company right now I realised that it is something that I aim to accomplish in the future, and it birthed the idea for this blog also! But the main reason I am even talking about this project now is for my presentations I used some of the images which are above and added "professionalism" and "depth" to my project according to my lecturers, and I received very good marks also. 

I am forever pinning amazing photos and saving them onto my desktop, particularly fashion editorials and street style images. If you are ever in need of some visually inspiration for your fashion blog, assignment or just life ingeneral, photography is a great mechanism for your imagination and ingenuity. 

Love C X 

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