Thursday, 13 February 2014

SS14: Sporty Luxe

For the third edition of trend alerts for the blog I have decided to take a look at an ensemble of outfits that doesn't necessarily scream "CiCi Jewels", but it's all in the name of research. If you read this blog regularly I'm sure by now you have established that my style is quiet the opposite of anything sports related. For the past few months I have somewhat struggled to understand the growing interest in baseball jerseys, jogger silk shorts and the comeback of Air Max with a perfectly elegant outfit, but who am I to judge? But like everything else I have learned to take certain aspects of the trend and put my own signature taste on it. For example, these days I now reach for my runners more than my black ankle heel boots which is something that I would have never considered before, think high street loafers more than Air Max. I suppose comfort has it's perks.

The one thing that we are thought throughout the countless magazines that we have read growing up is "dress for your body shape". This trend alone would contradict everything that I have believed in, personally. As a girl who is not of a model physique so I find that this look can be hard to work without looking like a sack, which seems to happen to me anyway. I've seen this look so effortless on girls who are naturally really thin and it looks great but my confidence lacks when trying it. Thankfully it seems the look has evolved a little form the old school tracksuit pants and baggy sweaters (slightly). The boxy crop top is perfect for those who do not want to whole heartily commit to this trend. Team with a high waisted PVC skirt and denier tights and you have yourself  a perfect outfit which ticks the sports luxe trend. On the other hand, if you are insecure about your upper body parts I recommend experimenting with the jogger trousers and fitted tee, another winning look for the coming season. 

In terms of make up for this look it is all stripped back, minimal and effortless, another thing that I don't know if I feel comfortable being that recently found my love for deep eye shadows again, particularly brown and gold tones. Eyeliner is also a friend of mine so I think keeping in line with this look would translate to cutting back on that which I wouldn't be able to fully commit to. I am a big fan of the luxe trousers which River Island have 100% nailed, if you haven't managed to have a look yet you can do so here. My favorite is the hot pink pair which probably wouldn't go with anything in my wardrobe but who cares! It's an excuse to go shopping. 

Love C X 

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