Friday, 11 July 2014

It's all about midi

It's all about midi

Another other season, another trend. Since moving to London  the one significant difference that I feel is the change of weather. The summers are a lot hotter here than in Ireland, thankfully! I love having the option to bare the legs, even if it means applying a light layer of some tan! For me, that's summer. I've also started doing this much more now, which also gives me the chance to embrace certain styles which are not nessecarily Irish weather appropriate, the midi skirt being a prime example. Believe me when I say I tried but it really doesn't work out. It's too cold, raining and wearing with tights is a serious no no. But it seems that this style is here to stay which means I finally get to embark a whole new look. 

Since beginning my new grown up job, I often have to attend meetings and this requires a more formal outfit. Introducing the midi skirt. Throughout my time I've build up quiet a collection of blacks t-shirts and tops, sonive been digging these out and giving them some much needed air time. It's also a great chance to add my pop of colour on my bottom half. I've been going for floral patterns but I love the block colour options, particularly bold options such as blue & purple. 

My initial feeling towards midi skirts was that I just couldn't wear them because I was too short but I just made myself get over that fear! Do you guys remember last summer I spoke about how I loved maxi skirts, like obsessed! Well this is my upgrade! 

I tend to look in Primark for a cheaper alternative to something that I'm thinking about buying. A few weeks ago I was in Primark in oxford street and spotted a gorgeous floral midi and picked it up. I wore it to work a few days later and everyone thought it was from Ted Baker!! Sometimes Primark  has some gems. 

I've since picked up a variation of styles, I started by investing in a lovely black one from H&M at a bargain of £20, and an olive green one in a silk material. So beautiful and perfect for what's left of the summer months. 

Are you loving midi's?? 

Love C X 

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