Friday, 18 July 2014

Bomber Reboot

So we've had an influx of the 90's revival over the past year! From joggers, to scrunchies and back to high waisted denims. And thankfully, it seems that it's not going anywhere soon. I was very sceptical to believe that this trend would become as big as it has, thankfully I was wrong! The multitude of colours and prints that are available were definitely a bargaining factor for me when I was debating weather I should buy one of not, I obviously gave in and bought a floral option from Primark. I tend to try out something with a Primark version before I commit to the cost of a better quality option. 

Street style is a massive inspiration personally, and teaming bombers with basics is a look that I'm loving!! Bringing back the summer classic of maxi skirts and simple tanks, as well as going crazy with accessories is what I love.I recently took some street style images (as part of my job) and came across one girl called Rachel who literally just pinned this look perfectly. Just a simple black dress and silk vintage pattern bomber. Very similar to the image above actually.

  Black is obviously a colour that goes with everything, I mean try name one thing that it doesn't go with... Okay, navy! But still, I think sometimes black and navy work. So basically, it goes with everything, but the point I'm trying to make is that is that it particularly works with the vintage bomber. 

Below are current options available at Primark which I love, just incase you want to take a leaf out of my book and try the cheaper options before commiting to the higher priced options. Also, they are both just beautiful designed and at 15 pounds! #Bargain 

I have the floral option but getting the black one next :) 

Love C X 

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