Saturday, 5 July 2014

What's in my beauty bag?

It's been awhile since I last posted on this blog. It has been a crazy few months, between moving to London and starting a new full time job.When I moved I was very lucky to be offered a great opportunity to work  in PR for two renowned hair brands Goldwell & KMS California. I'm loving this role and learning so much about hair that I never knew before (you may start to notice me talking about hair related topics more now!). London is amazing, as I knew it would be! I'm here about 4 months now so I've settled a bit but still so excited about everything. I've been trying to do things on the weekends at different parts of the city and explore, another reason for my lack of time for blogging. But now that this is some what out of my system a bit I'm ready to return to the wonderful world of Factory F. 

With this being said, working a full time 9-5 has been an adjustment. First of all, it's definitely better than working in retail, and it's also an additional bonus to work  in a job that I actually enjoy, it makes all the difference. But now my days are much longer and usually when I spend all day sitting by a computer I tend to touch my face much more, so I've been searching for long lasting products that get me through the day until I'm home again in the evening. My make up is very important and I'm always looking for new, amazing products so today I'm going to talk you through what I'm using at the moment and why I love it;


I've never been one to cake on layers of layers of foundation, I just enjoy one that covers all my blemishes and suits my combination skin. Over the years new revelations have been introduced to the market; from primers to CC creams. I've tried nearly all the primers out there and the best is definitely from a brand called Catrice. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find this range anywhere in London. if anyone knows of where it is stocked please let me know.
Then we are told  that a ground breaking concealer can transform our look and hide bags & blemishes best. So between moisturizers, toners, cleansers, primers and concealers we have so many products on our skin, and this is even before our foundation is applied. I was very late to the party of BB creams. I debated for months about weather it actually worked. I wrote a post about this debate earlier in the year; The Beauty Shift. I won't repeat myself but applying BB cream under my foundation really does cover all the basics and blends really beautifully with my foundation (both of which are clinique, products seen above). 

Chanel Les Beiges Powder 

Another product that I never warmed to when I was a teenager was powder. Glowing skin is something that I think everyone aims for. I used to convince myself that this look was achieved from lack of powder but now I just think that it makes me look really shiny! Not a good look! Since then I've changed my attitude and warmed to the product. I started with Rimmel but found it really made my skin cakey, a normal symptom for anyone with combination skin. A few weeks ago I was in the airport and I just can't help myself in duty free, I always buy something! So I ended up buying this Chanel powder and honestly, it has completely changed my view on powders. It does exactly what I need it to do; combats shine, completes my skin, perfect amount of matte without flaking. It's the dream powder.

YSL: Touche Eclate

The phase of contouring is still very much here. I've watched so many tutorials on how to master it and the best products for this technique. Quiet simple, I'll give or take contouring as it is a lot of effort to do every morning before work, the time of my day where time is most limited, but this highlighter has now become that beauty product that I can't leave the house without. I apply along the rim of my nose and under my eyes and it brightens my features so much it's unbelievable. When I apply lipstick I also use touche eclat around my lips as it adds another dimension to the overall look. If you're contouring or simply looking for a product to add a freshness to your current look this is for you. 

                                                          Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 

Ever since I've started blogging I have always spoken about the value of investing in eye shadow palettes; In The Shadows. I recently bought the Naked Palette (another thing that I was really late to the party with). For any of who who use these palettes will already know the significant value of it, it's so handy and the range of colours offer a variation of looks and styles. I use it everyday now and not that expensive considering all of the shades contained in the palette. 

                                                                Bobbi Brown Brushes 

No beauty set up is complete without the tools for application, and I've only ever read great reviews about the magic of Bobbi Brown brushes. So I invested some of my money into buying a whole set! I picked up all face, eye and lip brushes, and with the addition of my Chanel foundation brush, I feel like my set has been completed. I don't need to use all of the brushes for my every day routine but for a night out they will all be needed! I have to say I'm so pleased with them. They apply my make up so well, which can often be a difficult task with face brushes in particular. I am thinking about doing a separate post on all the brushes and how to use properly. If you would be interested in reading this please let me know. I've used MAC brushes in the past and honestly didn't feel value for money in terms of the longevity of the brushes, after a few washes the application effect just wasn't the same for me. These Bobbi Brown brushes come with a high recommendation from me and a great investment.
                                                  Let me know what's in your beauty bag? 

Love C X 

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