Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Bobbi Brown: Make Up Brushes Full Set

I had been thinking for a while that Ive wanted to invest in some really good make up brushes. I usually pick up some as I tend to need them, like a new foundation brush every so often, blusher brush every few months, the odd eye shadow brush here and there. But this time I did things a little differently, I bought a whole 24 piece brush set. I have used MAC brushes in the past, and I'm not saying they are bad because let's face it they're not but I wanted to try a brush that I hadn't used before and I have only heard great things about Bobbi Brown. I have to say I'm a bit biased because I bought the Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual about a year ago, so I've been wanted to try the actual brushes for these specific looks. I know I gave in.... 

For me, a good brush brand has always been determined on the basis of how good the foundation brush is, simple but true. Some brushes just don't blend the foundation on my face (not that I'm using a lot of foundation by any means). With my skin being dry/combination, I use a an oil free foundation mostly and I like one that gives a light matte finish which requires a make up which sets properly, which just can't be achieved with a bad brush. My personal view is whatever the cost, I'll pay it if the job is done right! 

When my brushes arrived, naturally I was really excited to get going and try them out. I'm a big fan of BB cream and always try and put this on before my foundation, I tested out the Bobbi Brown foundation brush for this, and I was really, really happy with the result. The brush is also quite strong so it can hold the harsh blending against my skin which can often be the case when applying. For my actual day time foundation I use my Chanel #6 foundation brush still, as much as I'm loving my Bobbi Brown brushes I can't bear to stop using this one. It's the best one I've ever used because my make up sits perfectly on my my face after I use it and after I wash it, it doesn't feel out of place or clumpy which can often happen. 

Other than the one exception of using my Chanel brush, I've been using my Bobbi Brown brushes and I'm so pleased with them. I just think that it's important to point  out that I have not been asked to review these brushes by any company, I just really enjoy using them. I'm also the type of person who will use a different brush for everything. Yes, I'm that annoying person! But since I first started to really become interested in the different angles of applying make up I have become fascinated on how much better my overall look is because I've used a brush, and properly also. It is really important to learn how to apply properly. 

Another result of this investment, I went away and bought a new Urban Decay Naked palette, it's the only real way to experiment right? Well, this palette is just simply stunning anyway and I'm sure most of you are all too aware of beautifully easy it is to blend the rich tones. I have a few of my favourite combination which I will put together in a blog post soon. 

Naturally enough I am now all about taking care of my brushes |(I'm afraid to admit that this wasn't always the way). I try my very hardest to clean my brushes at least once a week and I've noticed that it makes me make up appear much better as a result, mainly due to the fact clumps of old make up is now gone from the brush. I'm aware this is common sense to most people but honestly, cleaning brushes regularly is such a new craze for me and I'm loving the results. The product that has been highly recommended to me over the years is MAC Brush Cleaner. I'm still discovering the best method; at the moment I'm mixing with water and rinsing the brushes through. It does give a deep clean but I would love to know if anyone has other tips or tricks for cleaning brushes. 

Another exploration for me with my new brushes is I'm experimenting more with eye make up as I previously mentioned. So I picked up a new Urban Decay Naked 2Palette, which is mainly made up of dusty tones of brown, gold, deep lilac, blending beautifully together to give a wide variety of overall looks. 

Have you tried the Bobbi Brown brushes? What are your thoughts? 
Love C X 

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