Wednesday, 12 February 2014

SS14: Going Graphic

SS14: Going Graphic

In the second installment in my SS14 Trend Forecaster I am looking at the (in my opinion) most exciting look for the coming season: Art Attack. This look sees bolder, brighter and vibrant prints which are a representation of  graphic artwork at it's best. The first time I spoke about my love for this reviving look was it was first presented to us at London Fashion Week  last September and in particular the HOH collection, if you missed the post you can read about it here. Since then I have been very excited for the variation of styles and colours that can be used with the graphic theme, and now its finally time to break it out. 

I know recently I have talked excessively about my growing love for great quality Basics, and while I still stand by my earlier statements, sometimes it's essential to break out of the traditional styling and welcome a little contemporary. These bold graphics are not introduced by half, behold rich, vibrant textures in all forms such as shirts, skirts and my personal favorite of them all, trousers. During the January sales I spotted a pair of printed trousers in River Island, mainly a kaleidoscope print with pinks, creams and a hint of green. They were an absolute bargain at 20 Euro down from fifty and will definitely be making a debut over the coming weeks. 

The best way that I will wear this trend will be to mix it in with plainer basics. If you are going with a crazy graphic top match it with black skinny jeans or vice verse. Matching print combos are a great look aswell but I would more keep this for an event, a night out or dinner, not necessarily for day time practicality. 

Blue shades are also something that I have taken a keen interest in, if you missed the Blue Blood post you can read it here. Keeping this in mind I am going to look for some prints with a blue over lay to brighten up my wardrobe which is definitely needed in this terrible weather. This trend sends me to a warmer, sunnier climate which is something that is needed, especially at this time of the year. 

Love C X 

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