Wednesday, 5 February 2014

& Other Stories


In a few weeks I am going to London for a few days and I have been doing a bit of research on different places that I want to visit while I'm there. I always try and visit as many different clothing stores as possible, particularly ones that are not around me usually. There has been lots of hype about & Other Stories recently largely due to their collaboration with H&M (another favorite of mine), so I have been glued to their website and I am hooked. Below are my must-haves which I am hoping to pick up while in London. 

Leather Trousers £245 


Square Frame Sunglasses £45
Brass Bangle Set £12 

Black leather trousers are  always a winner for me being both classic but trendy, and working with both a casual and smart style. Last year I bought a similar pair in River Island for 60 Euro but they have since began to loose their shape so it's that time to stock up on another pair and these could not fit the bill any more. 


Pocket Detail Jersey Dress £45 


Suede Platforms £69

I'm obsessed with anything grey at the minute, especially when it comes to knit wear and tops. I have scoured the internet for the perfect grey knit, that mix between wool and cotton that gives a soft, rich texture to the garment. I am still on the hunt. Once I saw this grey jersey dress on the website I instantly clicked into it, now I don't know yet if this is due to me being aware of the fact that I love grey or that I really love the dress but I'm sure we will find out when I finally try it on. Overall, my first impressions of &Other Stories is that the quality of the products looks amazing and the stock isn't too pricey where we can't afford! My next step is to go and buy these pieces and fall in love with the brand even more. If any of you have any advice on which &Other Stories shop is the best one to visit in the Central London area please let me know. 


Double Compartment Handbag £145 

All about products are available from here

Love C X 

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