Friday, 31 January 2014

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner: Review

Being an avid fan of eyeliner, both under my eye and on the lid, means that I am always partial to beauty bargains. Last week while shopping for my product "up-dates", you know yourself, every so often you have to have to pop  along to Boots to re-stock your beauty bag. Well, during mine last week I spotted Rimmel promotions, including their latest mascara to the range "Scandeleyes Rockin Curves", offering a few euros off, which I couldn't resist! In the end I bought the above mascara, some Natural Collection concealer and lip gloss and today's featured product "Scandeleys Eyeliner".

The biggest point to note at this moment is that I am very particular with the way I like my eye liner to sit on my lid. For my under eye I tend to stick to pencil liner as it stays on longer and isn't as difficult to apply, but it is strictly gel liner "pitch black" effect on top. My usual Rimmel product of choice is "Exaggerate Eye Liner" and this new liner style does not add up in comparison. First of all if you like your liner really dark this is not the product for you. It comes out more like a faded black which is only really acceptable at the end of the day when you are falling into bed. Well, it doesn't last until the end of the day anyway. If it is still visible at lunch your doing well. Another aspect of the product that has me on edge is that I don't think I am going to get very long out of it , this mainly due to the fact that I have it less than a week and it seems to be drying up already. The "Exaggerate" product has a  refill pot which the brush sits into allowing to achieve the ideal jet black lines above the eyes. Overall I am very disappointed with this product and if you are a keen eye liner wearer such as myself I would say stay away from this.

Another promotion that Rimmel are doing at the minute includes the eye shadow chubby sticks as part of the "Scandeleys", I bought one in the deeper purple shade. Last week I went out with a few friends and wore this shade to brighten up my make up (nude lip, basic contouring) and it did exactly just that, it looked great! What I loved the most is that it lasted until I got home and I didn't have to re-touch once (I wish the same could be said for my eyeliner).  I will be picking up one in every shade available.

Love C X

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