Sunday, 12 January 2014

Ooh girl, love your style: Miranda Kerr

So, she has been on the scene for awhile ( 10 years to be precise) but it seems that in the last twelve months Miranda Kerr has gone from just another model to my street style icon. Many of the shots that we see of Ms Kerr are taken while she is either leaving her home with her son or simply walking down the street. This shows her natural style personality, and it is practically flawless. Not only has she been blessed with those looks but the girl knows how to work the best looks! 

What I love most about this girls style is the simplicity of what she is wearing but yet how well it looks. When you think about it, apart from the high-end event outfits, her casual style consists primarily of blue wash skinny denims, a basic tee, a winter cardigan and/or over-sized tailored coat. This is nothing that is not in our own reach, I'd say we have all these in our wardrobes already but there is something effortlessly beautiful about these scenes.

The above images with the aqua-blue maxi is probably one of my personal favorites, mainly because it is one of those outfits that is noticeable "I can only wear this once" statement which is not necessarily meant for casual attire but yet it is. It is effortlessly chic and beautiful.

"I believe to be successful at anything you have to give it a 100% commitment and that is what I still do to this day."- Miranda Kerr

Love C X 

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