Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Be Happy, with your Foundation!

Over the past number of years I have tried many, and I mean many, different brands of foundation. At first I am always happy with the initial results, they tend to blend well and give the radiant effect that we all crave. But over time, usually this time frame being a few weeks, the initial happiness fades and I find myself back at square one, trying to find a new foundation to buy.

I always find that a true test of how good a foundation really is is how it holds up by the end of the working day. Working in retail translates to being on your feet all day and generally a lot of physical movements, so naturally this has an effect on how you look by the time 6 pm arrives. When I realise that the foundation that I have bought cannot see me through this period I simply move on to the next. But alas! I think my may have finally found my foundation heaven in the form of Clinique "Stay Matte".

Clinique was first recommended to me by a friend about six months ago but it was actually the "Even Better" foundation that I was told to try. Now I did try this option but it just did not suit my skin type at all (oily to combination) so I browsed the brand for alternative foundations and this is when I decided to try "Stay Matte". I wasn't hopeful at first as many had let me down in the past. At the beginning I was pleasantly surprised with the results, it gave me the radiance, easy to blend, there was a shade to match my skin tone (004 Fair) and above all it still looked in tact by the end of the day. With my type of skin foundation tends to look particularly shiny even after I have applied powder and previous matte foundations that I have tried have all resulted in my skin looking "cakey". So trying to find the perfect option which will offer a matte effect with just the appropriate amount of shine has always been a struggle, so I was genuinely shocked that I found all of this with this product.

Six months later and I am still blissfully happy with Clinique "Stay Matte". Only in recent years have I understood the value of truly investing in brand (expensive) beauty products, the value being the long lasting beautifying effects. Not that this product costs much, 27 Euro is actually a bargain for how happy I am with it but is still a significant difference if you are accustomed to buying your foundation in Boots. This is the only product from the brand that I am using at the minute but now I am considering investing in other items, such as the chubby sticks, pressed powder or nail varnish (which I have also heard is really good).

Clinique is also a brand that I had never thought to buy before it was recommended to me.  I was very determined for certain brands, such as MAC, to work for my skin tone and this was partly because everything else from that brand worked so well on my skin and I love them. But you have to listen to your skin and if it works with a specific brand or product you must stick to this until you feel it longer continues delivering these results. If like me you have struggled with different foundations over the years I urge you to give this a try because it may just be what you have been looking for.

Love C X 

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