Sunday, 5 January 2014

Dreaming of a White Spring

The Bright Lights of Spring

Here we go again, another new and exciting year ahead. In my last post, The Future is looking Bright, I spoke about beauty trends which I think will be hot this coming season. So today I am focusing on fashion colours. Like everything, this is a personal perspective on colours and shades which I plan on wearing. Recently I wrote a post for Your Style Forecast called "Clean Living", which centered around the idea of focusing on brighter block colours for the coming season. White is a new hot favorite for me. Investing in finer tailored clothes is also on the agenda for me.The high street offer fantastic trend focused staples but the length of time that I get out of these numbers just doesn't seem worth it to me anymore. From now on, I have decided that I will spend money on clean classics that will not only match everything (white and black are prime examples of this statement) but they will also follow me through to seasons for years to me.

Minimal colour is a fresh approach to my wardrobe. Cleaning out all the clashing colours and bold prints is practically detoxing. Some people fix up their diet for the new year, I clean up my wardrobe. Although this is a slight lie as I have cleaned up my diet aswell. I am now cutting out all foods containing gluten, which includes bread, pasta, pizza etc. Thankfully there are lots of gluten free pizzas and pastas available so I won't be suffering too much! 

Other colours which I am adding too much wardrobe for 2014 include; beige, grey, mint greens and the addition of more black. 

Part of this style revival stems from the fact that in my new job I have to wear black most of the time. At first I thought this was really convenient but as the weeks have gone on I feel lack I am lacking creativity with regards my style. This could be why I am craving white and bright shades but I also need to find some black pieces that are timeless also that will make me want to wear them outside of work. Black PVC is something that I love and tend to stick to this look just for winter but I have a feeling that I may just carry it into spring this year. 

To a Fashionable New Year! 
Love C X 

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