Sunday, 26 January 2014

So Fresh & So Clean

beauty bits for 2014

Working full time means that my evenings now consist of winding down and relaxing. My beauty routine has since changed during this process of part-time to full time working lady. I've spoken about the strain of making sure that my make up stays in tact for the full nine hour shift, but occasionally I top up my foundation on my lunch break (which I think is normal!), so this requires to wear a full face everyday which I don't mind but I need my skin to breath also. So part of my New Years resolution was to take better care of my skin and this is when I introduced facial masks into my weekly beauty regime. H&M offer a great range of facial scrubs for 99c which I was first very skeptical to try because of my sensitive skin  but many of my friends have raved about them so I took a chance and picked up the olive oil option. After applying all over my face (avoiding eyes and mouth) and letting it soak into my skin for 15 minutes. If you haven't used one of these facial masks before be warned that after about two minutes you will no longer be able to move any part of your face! Afterwards my skin felt extremely smooth and fresh and the following day I noticed the difference, especially after I had applied my make up I had a glow off my skin (something I could get used to).

To brighten up my spring wardrobe I am also investing in a little nail revival, primarily in the form of nude shades. I am usually a massive fan of Barry M nail polishes but when it comes to the nude options they tend to crack quiet easily and don't seem to go the distance aswell as the darker shades. I've decided this time around I am going professional in the form of shellac. I've tried this before so I now how nice it looks and lasts much longer than the average self polish. I'll make sure to post the results to the Facebook page (CiCi Jewels).

My all time favorite scent has to be Chloe. Every Christmas I end up with loads which thankfully gets me through the year. What I like about this scent is that it is quiet light and not over powering, very femine and lasts for hours! This year although I did manage to receive some other smellies as well, including Giorgio Armani "Si" and Paco Rabane "Lady Millions". For the past few weeks I have been wearing "Si", which I would never have picked for myself, and was surprised with all the compliments I have about the fragrance. Very pleased with the results and smells of late.

Love C X 

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