Thursday, 21 November 2013

In The Name of Fashion.....

Since I started this blog a couple of months ago I have found myself being more intuitive to up-coming trends, street style and editorials a bit more than I had before. This way I feel as though I am consistently gaining fresh ideas and keeping the creativity alive, and so far this has been going quiet well for me. I mostly talk about trends that I particularly like as this is what comes naturally to me, but just the other day I stumbled across an article in the latest issue of Company Magazine (one of my favourite reads every month) and discovered that this months unlikely trend is "Cathedral". At first I was a little intrigued to read the little segment on this along with the images of potential pieces to buy but the further I looked and thought about it, I have to say it just all seemed a little creepy. The take on the trend is an updated to the Baroque theme which was a massive hit last winter and I was a massive fan of certain elements such as gold embellishments and velvet textures, but I think this may be taking things a little too far.

It's funny that I am a little creeped out by this print because in all other forms of life such as music, photography, TV shows, I enjoy anything that is a bit ery, dark and minimal. But honestly there is just something when it comes to religion that doesn't settle too well with me, not that I am an atheist in anyway, I just can't feel comfortable with wearing the virgin Mary on my t-shirt all day.

Once I had seen that this was going to be an up-coming trend I decided to do a little research and see how developed this "look" had become so far and it seems that it is initialling in the early stages. There are certain parts to the traditional Baroque theme which seem to have remained in tack, such as the certain jem-like print items which have undergone a slight maker over to resemble a church stain glass window (this I think I can get over).

Certain elements really link back to past runway shows from designers such as Alexander Mc Queen and Chanel, which I spoke about in Reviving the Runway. I am yet to see this actually on people or in shops but my personal opinion is that only a small handful of people will actually wear these "in your face" Virgin Mary t-shirts. 

Love C X 

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