Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Clash of the Tartans

For many years growing up and experimenting with different styles, colours and "looks" that suited my personality and me as an individual, I always detested the thought of wearing tartan. I hated it! The image of that red check on anything made me shiver. I don't know wear the hate came from but it was there. For years I even hated the colour red and I am still not sure if these two facts are related. Yet over the past few years I have consistently read in many magazines the rise of the tartan trend and I genuinely was afraid of it. So many magazines that I loved (Marie Claire, Vogue, Company), all telling me to prepare for the print to be everywhere! Without trying to be dramatic but I thought I was going to have to avoid shops. It seems crazy that one specific print can unsettle someone so much but just my luck, of course it had to happen to me.

So the high streets were hit with a bang, alas the tartan! At this point I had made a conscious decision that it was something I was going to avoid, obviously! I did so well for a long time. I made it through two winters without feeling the slightest urge to pick up anything with the print on it. This winter has been a slightly different story. It started one evening when a friend called round for tea and she was wearing this beautiful tartan scarf, and to my complete shock I loved it. I admired it and told her how nice it was, a completely normal thing to say to a friend but I was surprised at what I was saying. So a few days later I find myself looking for a similar scarf to buy, and I suppose that was the beginning of my approval of the print that had taunted me for years. 

I suppose my attitude towards this whole childhood hatred for this whole look as slowly changed. Red is now one of my favourite colours; it is the colour of my room, my laptop, my favourite shoes, lipstick. So reminiscing on this is now quite funny. I am also now wearing a tartan scarf while I write this! I feel the words hypocrite spring to mind!! 

Last week I invested in a navy tartan dress from Penney's and can't wait to wear it. I suppose this is just another way of showing how your attitude to fashion can progress throughout the years. I mean if its good enough for Alexa Chung and Kate Middleton, it's good enough for me. 

Love C X