Monday, 11 November 2013

Underneath it all...

 Anything that represents a classic era I am a fan. From jewels to hair to clothes, the chances of me loving it are particularly high, especially the 1960's/70's era. I always find style in these decades so much more interesting and beautiful and the classic approach to styling is so much more appealing. This is predominately true in specific areas of the fashion and beauty industry, the principal example being hair styles. This was a much more refined generation of women who viewed class as a form of living and not just an option which unfortunately is not the way society is today. This ethos carried throughout every aspect of life; work life, home, social and private affairs. The subject of private affairs and accompanying ensembles is the source of inspiration through photography, beauty and art still to this day.


 I chose to focus on the vintage style of lingerie for this post as I find it much for flattering for a wider range of body shapes, and visually it is more enchanting. Lace was a popular choice of fabric for under garments during this particular era represented sensuality. Basic colours were always the main choice of tone, black, white, ivory and grey. Honestly, I would completely buy this style of underwear if I could afford to constantly buy it but unfortunately it is quite expensive. I have been researching this topic for the past few days to source reasonable places to purchase this vintage look that will not break the bank and the two main sites that kept popping up at me were Intimissimi and & Other Stories. Intimissmi appears to appeal to the more up-market approach to this vintage attire but stock extremely beautiful bras that you will definitely want to buy. & Other Stories prices are not significantly cheaper and the stock consists of a modernised version of the images seen above, a little bit more sheer and a little less lace.

It has been a common phrase for as long as I can remeber that a women can feel instantly more beautiful/empowered/sexy with the right lingerie. For me, this is justification enough to invest in luxury underwear, even if you are the only one who knows you are wearing it!

I am also a MASSIVE fan of Tumblr and Pinterest and always look for minimal shots of 70's period lingerie shots because of the simplicity and beauty of the photo. For similar photos such as the ones featured above you can click here CiCi Jewels Tumblr . <3

Love C X 

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