Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Hang on to your hat ....

So for those of you who saw my post yesterday on waving goodbye to out summer attire, I feel not all may be lost. Over the night I carried out some research on various styles that I could try out this coming winter and it seems that hats (yes the fedoras and bowlers) are a perfect accessory for the winter months also. This is also a perfect time as most high street shops are in the middle or end of summer sale so these may be going cheaply. 

I have a few bowler hats in my wardrobe which will be not be put away any time soon, so my main purchase has to be a few new fedoras. I am aware that at this time of the year it is usually a rare delivery into shops but one must be hopeful. Iv had a bit of a gander online and have come across a few from the beloved high street!! 

Black Fedora, River Island, E25.00

Black Fedora, H&M, E19.95 

Pink Fedora, River Island, E25.00 

Bowler hats are also a great accessory for keeping your head warm in the winter. They are also a great option for those who do not like how big the fedora can feel on your head. These are some that I recommend investing in espaecially to add a pop of colour to your winter woolies. 

Blue Bowler, River Island, E22

Pink Bowler, River Island, E22 

And of course I cant forget the classic winter woolly hat, the beanie. I am hunting the streets for a really thick grey hat,as I find a grey hat will go with most of my clothes. This hat here from New Look seems like it could be a runner!! 

Grey Woollen Hat, New Look, £4.99 
Black Stud hat, 

Winter is all about wrapping up ladies, but also about standing out from the crowd which can be done perfectly with anyone of these stylish statements. 

Love C X 

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