Tuesday, 27 August 2013

These boots were made for walking!

So for the last week or so I have been hunting up and down the high street for investment pieces for the upcoming season. The specific items that I never hold back on are a good pair of winter shoes and a warm coat that will essentially go with my entire wardrobe! As daunting as this task sounds, I find that throughout the last number of years I have excelled, and this year I found all the appropriate winter footwear under one roof.... New Look!!

So in Ireland, winter generally equals lots and lots of rain and the occasional snow, so this means that our shoes must get our little piggy's warm and dry. I tend to opt for black boots, particularly biker boots as not only do they do their job of keeping your feet dry, but they look great with almost everything. This year I wanted something a little bit more classic but that could adapt to various styles.

Top Left, E29.99, New Look 
Top Right, E34.99, New Look
Bottom, E29.99, New Look 

So when I ventured into New Look recently and spotted the above footwear I knew I had not only landed a bargain but that I found the essentials to get my through the colder months. I tend to go for black boots as I find that they go with more of my clothes, but brown also goes perfectly with a lighter shade of denim, although this may work better in the summer months. The boots that I ended up picking up were the pair at the bottom of the pictures seen above. I haven't fashioned them yet but I have been co-ordinating outfits!! Preparation is key! 

One of the reasons I adore winter is there always seems to be more parties. Everyone seems to be around on the weekends and going out definitely becomes more frequent! So while exploring through New Look I also spotted some new heels that they have in Store that may come in handy for you guys. 

From research that I have been carrying out, red is a big favourite for this season and one of the sure fire ways of getting noticed is red shoes. If you tend not to be too experimental with your wardrobe this is also a great way to be bold without being over powering. My favourite out of the shoes listed above would have to be the black stilettos with gold finishing on the toe (the top image). 

Last but not least I think it is important for every girl to have a pair of these robin hood shoes, in either colour!! Until you have a pair you really do not realise how essential they are They suit most clothes and do add style to any outfit when casually worn. Also i think it is key to note that this is not an advertisement for New Look, I just genuinely enjoy their new footwear. There is a link for the site below it anybody wants to check out the newest New Look FW themselves. New Look

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