Monday, 19 August 2013

Define Yourself

Make up is something every female has an interest in, even if it is just to some little degree. For me the fascination has always been how to achieve certain looks. My face is round and I have always thought this has made my face seem fatter in photos than it does in person and it was later in life that I learnt about the art of contouring your face. When I came across the image below on pinterest I knew I had to share it. It all starts with the shaping of your face, which seems self explanaotry but it really took me years to realise what shape my face was! After years of debaiting with myslef and my friends it was settled, I had a round face. I found this image very helpful as not only does it make you realise that different shape faces should be applying their brozer in specific areas but it also tells you wear you should be applying the product. Personally I am a fan of bronzer to define the areas of my gace but I know some of you may be a fan of blusher, so I popped a blusher applying sample below also. 

For anyone who is insecure about their nose at all I stumbled across this image which I really think will serve very useful. I sometimes feel insecure about my nose which I think everybody does at some point in their life but this shows that it is nothing that a little make up can fix!! 
If I come across any other useful beauty cheat sheets Il make sure to pop them here. 
Love C X 

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