Thursday, 8 August 2013

Bohemian Nights

Like all twenty-something girls I have been experimenting with various "looks" over the past few years to find a style that not only suits my body shape, but also my personality. Being a size 10 (basic average size) means that I have meat on my bones and this is the where shopping may cause a problem (depending on where you are carrying this weight). I have curves and therefore have never felt overly comfortable wearing tight fitted clothes. My style has also been loose on top and tight on the leg. Skinny jeans were my dream come true, and to this day I still stand by them 100%.But as I have personally evolved, so has my fashion sense and the one look that has always stuck by me has been "BoHo Chic".

 As I get older this look intrigues me more and lately I have found myself expanding this look to all aspects of my life; my home, work, gadgets and covers, decorating. I think it is safe to say that deep down I long to be a bohemian gypsy. When I saw this recent picture it inspired me to decorate my room exactly as it is in this picture, but as I am in the middle of moving I have decided to hold off for the minute but watch this space.....

The high street is a great way to pick up random jewellery such as rings and earrings, but for truly inspiring pieces it is essential to explore back street vintage stores (it is usually the shops that are harder to find are the ones with the best bits). I am very proud of my collection of jewels and other accessories and plan to add a section to this blog displaying them. I promise to post them very soon. But in the mean time I have  been trying to replicate this look. If anyone has managed to succeed please let me know (even though I will be extremely jealous). 

Another important feature in tyring to complete the BoHo Chic look is the way in which your hair is presented. I have two hair straighteners that are NEVER used. Using styling mouse is a really simple and quick way of achieving a tousled look, and along with the use of dry shampoo can be just as easily used at festivals or long weekends away. 

This hair style by Sienna Miller is my hair crush at the minute and I am searching for the quickest way to achieve this look, because lets face it I don't know any girl who has that much time in the mornings to style their hair! If any body has any suggestions on how to achieve this look please get in touch! 

Love C x 

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