Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Fringe, Florals and Fedora's

So here we are again, Summer, and this can only mean one thing... festival fever. Over the past number of weeks social media has allowed us all to view the onstage antics of the artists bracing the stage. And while the music is a factor in enjoying these events, I think for the ladies its all about the dressing up!

The signature style for all festival revellers, and has been for a significant number of years now has been the high waisted cut off denim shorts with printed tees. this look has become particularly very popular by artists such as Rihanna  and Katy Perry at Coachella. But this year the style stakes have been upped with the new addition of the reviving trends of fringe and fedoras. As a lover of the 70's era I welcome this trend with open arms. Not only has it welcomed the hippiness back into the festival scene but it allows for Boho Chic to to have the epic comeback that it has always deserved. While browsing through  vogue.co.uk last week I spotted these lovely ladies and couldn't help but admire there attire. 

These three girls have all embraced this seasons trendiest outfits effortlessly. My favourite is definitely girl number one who decided that fringe and fedoras were a must, and went with the edginess of black, and biker boots instead of traditional wellies. 

I hope to make Electric Picnic in Stradbally in September so I am starting to pick out my outfits for the weekend now (fail to prepare, prepare to fail!). My favourite high street shops to hit when the Summer is here is H&M, River Island and the forever faithful Pennys/Primark. As festival tickets can be expensive it is important to be able to look well on a budget, especially as the mud can take over and destroy the clothes so remember that when forking out top money. As mcuh as a love going into a shop, trying something on and physically bringing it home with me, lately I have been converted to online shopping and boohoo.com is fantastic for great bargains and fast delivery. There is one particular fedora on the site in black which I feel is a staple piece for all Summer occasions and not just festivals. And priced at only 20euro it really is an investment. 

I shall keep you all updated as to what will end up in bag for Electric Picnic but in the mean time unleash your inner hippy and brake out your fringe! 

Love Cx 


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