Monday, 29 July 2013

The Third Policeman

This past weekend I ventured up to Dublin to view everything that the capital had to offer, fashion, friends and frolics. While staying with a friend of mine in Rathmines, Saturday was spent venturing around her new surroundings and helping her familiarise herself with the place. This included discovering where all the best places to go in the area for the ultimate fashion find and bargains. This was a task I was only too willing to help her out with!

Firstly, we began with all the local charity shops, Oxfam, St Vincent de Paul, and Concern. As I am currently in the process of starting a jewellery collection, beads were on my list to look out for! This proved to be a bit of a disappointment, but various forms of timeless classics were bought in the form of novels. I highly recommend all book worms to head to Oxfam in Rathmines for the best finds on random books that you would never discover in Eason’s or O’Mahony’s book shelves. 
While on this adventure, we discovered a shop that will most definitely become my new “must go” place when it comes to searching for unique pieces for all occasions. As a self confessed fashion lover, I have experimented with many different styles and genres of fashion over the past view years but there is something truly astonishing about owning a piece of clothing or accessory which has been previously owned by another and the background engraved in the rare find in these stores.

The theme of the 20′s is bursting through the walls of this Rathmines establishment, and it is displayed so elegantly that it is impossible not to want to dress up in the thrill and frill of all the stock available. As I embark on this new Factory F adventure, for those of you who happen to stick with me will soon learn that I have a fond liking for hats, especially fedoras! And let me tell you, the collection available in this shop had been very excited about spending all my wages in there on my next visit. Old retro shirts are definitely another staple characteristic of what this shop has to offer. 

The price range on this shop and from the stock I was looking at which mainly included hats, shirts and dresses, ranged from 20-60Euro, which is very well priced considering the vintage staple.

I cannot speak highly enough of this Rathmines boutique, and by discovering the place made my wet adventure to the rainy capital worth the effort and journey. 
Love C x 

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