Monday, 30 September 2013

Turkish Delight

Warm sunsets, flee markets and a crisp sea breeze usually springs to mind when imaging/reminiscing the exotic plains of Turkey, but it is due to the cultural attributes that signifies its permanent presence in my style influence. Rich colours such as maroon, ruby, burnt oranges and Sapphire blues are all shades which have always suited my natural features well, this mostly springs from being a natural brunette and a fan of fake tan. These days, the high levels of Sally Hanson have calmed significantly and my hair tone close to white blonde, which results in experimenting with new colours. Yet, it seems that I am too accustomed to my genetic fashionista. Bold floral, grunge paisley and faux fur are all featured in my "wish lists" on ASOS, Missguided and Topshop, and when combined, portray the global traveller image which rests kindly with my fashion heart. Turkey continues to increase its popularity amongst tourists annually, and Istanbul in particular has recently been described as "the perfect mix of cosmopolitan chic and old charm", which reinforces (as if it needed to!) its influential stamp on todays trends. 

The Moroccan culture has evolved not only through the clothes that we wear, but lifestyle as a whole. Ow more than ever fast paced living menas that we crave "peace", "exotic" and "escapism" when it comes to home style,a nd the Turkish/Morocan vibe offers all of this. 

Love C X 

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