Thursday, 5 September 2013

Animal Instinct

 So it is that time of the year again, colder days, shorter evenings, longer trousers and warmer coffees, the invasion of winter. Like all seasons I need a statement staple to add to my wardrobe collection and this AW13 will see the introduction/revival of the classic fur coat. Now I understand that this topic will cause controversy amongst many animal activist groups but they better block their eyes and ears because fur is making a comeback!  And being a lover of all bohemian-related pieces, I really think this can compliment the free spirited fashionista in me.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my style, it is this simple, I enjoy creating a look that resembles a global traveller and most of what I write about will reflect this in one way or another, particularly with accessories (they are my thing!). So my next big investment is going to be a fur coat! Just to be clear, my bank balance does not allow for the cost of a designer fur coat so my purchase will not be real fur so hopefully that will  stand for something!

When I adopt a new piece or a trend, I tend to start small before truly investment in the whole look, so this would be called “testing the waters” if you will. Last year I bought a fur snood scarf from River Island and it literally went with all of my clothes, bags, coats, shoes, literally everything. Just in-case you are unfamiliar with a snood scarf, it is essentially a long scarf that is tubular. I think it mainly depends on the type of style that you have at the minute which will determine how you can involve a trend into your wardrobe at a naturally progression, and I am already a lover of a winter neck piece so this seemed to be an ideal starting point. Although this was the only piece of fur that I did purchase last AW season, I have already begun my look out for more.  Looking online is a great way to expand your options of where you can shop rather than being limited to stores that are in your area. My favourite online stores include,, and thankfully these places have already started stocking up on new fur lines. So far my favourite is the Merle Faux Fur Cape from , and this piece is black which can be placed over any colour to add either an edgier feel to the look or can also glam up a casual t-shirt and jeans comb. I know this piece is black, and I have always thought of myself as being a risk taker when it comes to style but sometimes going back to basics is a good thing.

Today marks the first day of NYFW and this means that over the next few weeks all the latest styles and trends for the coming season are going to be “revealed”. Sometimes as good as a trend is (and sometimes they are amazing), it is best to wear what you want to and be comfortable in that, and this time around it is fur for me.  I will be looking forward to catching up with you again after Fashion Week.

Love C X 

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