Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Ooh, you're making me blush

So here we are, another season and another "it" colour that will be taking up all of our wardrobes. Last year saw the significant popularity of Burgundy/ruby/maroon. I must admit, I am a serious fan of that colour so I splashed out big time, and my pocket definitely felt the burn! So I was curious to know what the big colour would be this winter, and various sources have claimed that the next big trend is all in the form of red!! Now, speaking from a personal point of view, red is not a colour that I would be in a hurry to put on! Therefore I will subtly be embracing, mainly through forms of accessories and jewels. Today's post is all about how you can embrace this colour, even if (like me) you do not want over kill.

When it comes to red clothes, I have always been a fan of coloured skinny jeans. I will definitely be breaking my pair out again and if you don't have a pair already I highly recommend Warehouse because they stay in good fitting condition for so long that they are worth every penny. The red skinny jean and the leopard coat is very east London hipster style but that's why I love it! If you want to be edgier with your style this is the perfect way to create that. A subtle red blazer/cardi/pullover under your winter coat is also another way to embrace the trend. I really love the one featured in the image above and will hunt the shops for something similar, and of course will let you know when I find one! 

A simple and easy way to add red into your style this winter is by wearing a chunky knit scarf! The one in the image above is amazing and something very similar is available in Pennys and will not the cost more than E6. If you want a guide on where to buy a red hat for the winter months, check out this post I did Hang on to your Hat! 

A red lip has been a classic look for years now, and is probably something that I would do anyway even if it wasn't cool anymore, but thankfully this season it still is! I experiment quiet a bit with all different make up brands and I have to say that MAC lip sticks are one of the best around but when it comes to shades it really is the best one for your skin tone and shading. I always ask the make up artists for advice because they know best and thankfully the girls at my local counter are so nice! 

Again, as I am sure you all know at this stage, jewels are my thing! As I come across amazing jewellery I will inform you guys but for the moment these are my fashion statements in the form of red! Let me know what you think :) 

Love C X 

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