Friday, 20 September 2013

Candy Love Affair

As I was reading last months September issue of Vogue, it occurred to me the reappearing images of pink! Many different shades of pink coats, skirts, bags and shoes, and as someone who wouldn't necessarily be a fan of the shade, I found myself "oohing" and "aaaahing" over this particular photo shoot with the very talented Cara Delevingne. Her face has been everywhere the past few months, on magazines, photo shoots, runways and ALL social media sites. It wasn't the fact that Miss D fronted this photo shoot for its display on this post, but how much these photos make me want to wear a colour that I don't love! And since then I have been hearing over and over again that it is the new "it" colour for this season. Personally, in the winter I enjoy darker shades, such as burgundy, grey, rustic oranges..... but I really hope this colour is embraced this year to brighten up the darker months. So I'm posting more images from this shoot below and hope it inspires you to embrace pink the way it has done to me. 

Love C X 

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