Monday, 23 September 2013

Girl meets Boy

When I'm dressing up to head out, I usually have it planned out in my head for hours what I am going to wear before I actually put it on. So,I get dressed and then, it happens every time, but I'm stuck trying to figure out what coat to wear. Now as I have become older and my style has alternated over the years, the safe option has always been to grab a blazer as it seems to go with everything. And this has always served me well, but now it has become evident, especially at Milan Fashion Week  form designers such as Giorgio Armani, that masculine tailoring becoming a bit of a "thing". 

This look has become so much more than wearing a blazer with casual jeans, it has now evolved to carrying the "tailored look" to the bottom half of your style. Printed trousers are a big thing right now and look great with just a plain black/white t-shirt. I particularly enjoy the basic colours  of this trend, which seems to have developed from menswear trends from over the years. Another part of me thinks that this look will especially take off now because of Victoria Beckhams effortless outfit seen at NYFW. 

The key to creating this look is simple.... over sized, trousers, shirts and unisex colouring. This is a great style to invest into your wardrobe, especially if you work in an office environment or looking to be seen as a professional employee. From my perspective, I think this style just resembles modern chic and will definitely be seen in magazines and high street stores for awhile to come.

My investment piece for this look has to be the coat seen in the image above. It is from Oasis and is priced at 135 Euro. All donations are accepted :)

Love C X 

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