Thursday, 3 October 2013

Wild and Free

So I'm in the process of trying to grow my hair longer. At the moment it is just below my shoulder, but for a long time I have wanted to have it long enough to recreate some of the amazing hair styles that I often see on pinterest. One of the reasons that I dyed my hair blonde two years ago was that I always find that the pictures you see of amazing french braids and loose curls, such as the image above, are always girls with beautiful blonde hair. So now I am half way there.  Poker straight hair has never been a thing for me, and come to think of it neither has even brushing my hair! Hair styles that I admire are usually the ones that look like  the least amount of effort has been required and are overall "messy". 

Generally, I tend to be a bit on the safe side with my hair, and this usually involves loose curls and just leaving it flow. I would like to say such as the image above, but that would me a lie (mine never looks quiet as nice as that). The problem that I find with curling your hair is that it never stays in place long enough, and I have yet to find the miracle hair spray. If any of you have happened to find it, please share the secret! 

The messy bun has been my "go to" hair style of late. It is such an easy style to re-create and also means that your hair is out of your face and styled for almost any event (unless very formal). You Tube is a great way to discover different ways of styling your hair, and giving you inspiration on what looks best suit your personality.

If I come across any tutorials that I find may be useful in creating the looks in the images above I will make sure to share with you. 

Love C X 

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