Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Lets get lost in Paris (Part 2)

So the last post featured the top vintage shops to visit while in Paris, Lets Get Lost in Paris (Part 1), and this is a recommended route to take that I have put together. This may vary a little depending on where exactly you are staying in the city. The closest metro station to me was the "Gare Du Nord" so this was the starting point for my trip, but if you have a smart phone I would recommend downloading the metro app as it will make everything a lot easier when travelling around. I would also advise to spread your trips out over a number of days, as it can be difficult to fit it all in just one day. For this particular post I have divided it into two days. Also, you can buy 10 metro passes for 13.70 Euro, which will cover all of your shopping trips. 


Day One

Station 1: Gare Du Nord

From here you are looking for Line 4. Once on the metro, travel to the Barbes - Rochechouart stop and change at this station to get on Line 2. While on Line 2, you will be stopping at Anver station, and this will be your destination for your first vintage shop, Mamie Blue.

Thankfully, the next shop you can visit, By Flowers, is within a walking distance from Mamie Blue. Just follow the directions below.

Mamie Blue to By Flowers Walking Directions

Station 2: Place du Clichy

While near this sation, you can visit the Guerrisol vintage store, and after this you can continue to travel along. From this station you are looking for Line2. You will change at Barbes to Line 4 and continue until the Etienne Marcel stop. At Etienne Marcel you can go to Episode, which is one of the trendiest vintage shops in all of Paris.

Station 3: Etienne Marcel
After Episode, you will be heading towards Hotel Du Ville, and to get there you must stay on Line 4 and look out for the Chatelet stop. Once here, you must change to get on Line 1 and you will then see the Hotel Du Ville stop. This is the area with the most vintage shops in the facinity, Freep'star, Hippy Market and Fripp'irium.

Day Two

Station 1: Gare Du Nord

Starting again at the "Gare Du Nord" station, you will be getting on Line 5 and travelling through four stops and arriving at Oberkampf. It is here that you will be at Omaya Vintage, which is where I bought some of my bits which were featured on the first part of this post.

The next place that you can go to is Adom, whcih luckily is not too far and is easy to walk to. Directions can be followed from the link below.
Walking directions from Omaya to Adom

Station 2: Bastille
The bastille sation will be easy to find fromAdom, and once here you will be looking for Line 5 again, changing at the Stalingrad stop to Line 7, arriving at Riquet after a twenty minute journey. One metro ticket will cover this entire journey.

To get back to Gare Du Nord, simply reverse this journey; Line 7, change at Stalingrad to Line 5 and arrive at Gare Du Nord.

Hope you find this suggested route useful, and if anyone of you use it please let me know!

Love C X 


  1. I'm currently living in Paris, but between studying, sometimes I forget to just get lost here :) So, I've grabbed a pen and paper and jotted down some of your ideas and will spend my free time visiting some of these places (rather than watching Desperate Housewives reruns in my apartment - whoops!)
    Cute blog sweetie - following you now :)
    Keep in touch!
    www.lanouvellenoire.com xxx

  2. I'm so jealous that you live in Paris! Im so ahppy that you are going to visit some of these places :), let me know how you you get on!

    I followed you back also Xx