Sunday, 6 October 2013

Pretty Ink

Recently I have been looking up lots of tattoos to help me decide what to get for my next one. I already have a little bow tattoo on my foot which has now been done two years, so I'm now at the stage where I'm craving my next one. Over the weeks I have changed my mind so many times on where to get it on my body and also what to get. I'm not one of those people who needs a back story or a significant meaning to my tattoo either. Sometimes it's okay just to like a design. Right now I'm obsessed with the idea of getting a little arrow on the inside of my upper arm. Very similar to the image below. I really like to placement of the first image but the design of the second tattoo. 

As much as I admire the bravery it takes for anyone to have their whole bodies covered in ink, I think for myself I will be just sticking to little designs. For anyone who is thinking about getting one done but need a little inspiration, I highly recommend Little Tattoos Facebook page. It regularly uploads so many different designs that it may at least help you decide on where you may want to get it. I also find that Pinterest have so many boards dedicated to all different styles of ink and I have literally spent hours on that website researching different ideas. 

The images above are a few of the tattoos that I have found on both pinterest and the Little Tattoos Facebook page. I found the image below on Pinterest, and I know I previously said that it didn't need my tattoo to have a meaning, and I don't, but while researching different arrows I came across this and it confirmed my next inking. 

I'm also off to Paris next week and thinking I may be crazy and get it done over there! So if anybody has previously had a tattoo done in Paris please recommend places to me. :) 

Love C X 

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