Friday, 20 December 2013


So I'm looking back on this past year in a slightly different way than traditional means, I am going to do it through shoes. 2013 was a different to most because it was the one year I found myself asking "Are those shoes too high??" and this made me feel old! My style transformed from college student to young adult and the great benefit from this is wearing heeled boots during the day. Now I did this at college as well but now it seems okay to wear the higher heeled boots. They also go with EVERYTHING! Seriously, try it, they really do. When heading on a night out with friends now we all seem to stick to a lower heeled boot in comparison to the sky scrapper heels which we lived in before. So are we coming of age with sensibility or is this a trend? 

My guess is that this is obviously fashion focused. Why would we just so happen to want to wear platform boots when the best collection just happens to arrive in the shop?

Untitled #23

When it comes to footwear, particularly boots, I find myself drawn to black. I don't know know if this is due to the shade complimenting most of my clothes or that it is perfect for the "minimal" look which I loved in 2013. But either way, they were the clear winner for me during these past few months. Pull and Bears black booties which are featured int he shoeniverse image above in the left corner are my footwear crush at the minute. All the links to the boots featured in that image will be featured at the bottom of this post.

This year Christmas I asked for a pair of black (shocking) pair of boots from River Island. I've already checked that they are not going into sale so I won't feel cheated for buying at full price. If you follow me on instagram (@CiCiJewels) you will definitely get a look of these boots as I will be posting pictures of them.

Hope you all receive lovely shoes for Christmas .

Love C X 

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