Friday, 6 December 2013

A Touch of Silver: Review

For the past month I have been trying out this new shampoo called "A Touch of Silver" which is specifically for brighter blonder hair. The reason I decided to give this a go is because I had heard such great things about it from people who I know I have used it before. I love having blonde hair but the one thing that really frustrates me is the up keep! I have to get it touched up every six weeks to maintain that fresh blonde look that I love. So really I have nothing to loose by simply giving this a go. I've decided to do this review in stages, this being stage one (based on a four week period). I will go through each week with you and how I think using this shampoo has made a difference.


A Touch of Silver, Dry Shampoo, 3.50 Euro 
A Touch of Silver , Twice-A-Week Shampoo, 3.17 Euro 

 I wash my hair three times a week so every second wash was used with this product. On the alternative wash I used my regular shampoo which is L'oreal. Between washed I used the dry shampoo to revive the freshness and it smells amazing!

Week One 

My hair was due a cut and colour so once I had done this I decided to begin using the shampoo. I thought this best as it would give a clearer indication of how good the product actually is depending on how long it would be before having  to get it done again. Just to note, a women told me that she didn't have to get her hair done for 7 months once she started using this product, so I have high hopes!

So my hair was initially bright and fresh starting this trial so I found it difficult to determine any significance of the product but my hair did smell really really nice from the dry shampoo.

This was my hair after being done and starting to use the product.

Week Two 

So my hair had slightly started to gain roots by week two (this is normal for my hair) but maintained that bright effect which would have usually faded by now. Being a natural brunette means that sometimes my hair looses that white blonde result when I dye my hair very quickly. But it did last that bit longer thanks to this shampoo. 

Week Three 

As you can tell from the picture my roots have not darkened much in the week, which I am really happy about it. At this point I am usually at my half way mark of needing to get my hair done but if it continues like this I will definitely get longer than normal. The brightness has maintained also and I have to say my hair feels and looks really healthy, considering how much I have coloured it over the previous two years. For my hair I wanted to achieve the "white blonde" look rather than the dirty blonde and this shampoo definitely adheres to this style of blonde.

Week Four 

So my hair has darkended a little but you can tell that the brightness has remained in the body. So far I am really happy with the product and will be continuing this review over the next few weeks to determine how long this great effect will continue for. Coming up to Christmas is an expensive time of the year and I am trying to hold off having to get it coloured before the new year (it ain't cheap being blonde) but I am definitely feelingt hat I am going to get longer than my average six weeks.

Keep an eye out for the next post review on "A Touch of Silver" and if you are a blondie give it a try. It's so cheap you won't even notice the money has gone!

Love C X 

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