Monday, 7 April 2014

The Beauty Shift

Every so often a beauty trend comes along that revolutionizes the way we look at make up. In recent years the craze has seen everything from the smoky eye, to contouring to the comeback of the statement lip. The one fundamental aspect that we all crave for is a look that fits us! Personally, I believed for years that this could be found in the form of the perfect foundation. For years I tried and tested them all, Revlon, Rimmel, MAC, Clinique,  Max Factor, Laura Mercier, the list goes on, and although I did find a foundation that does exactly what I need it to do I still seem to crave that "natural" element to my look. Cakey make up is something that I think every female dreads, so how do we avoid this if we are a fan of a heavy foundation?

Until recently I believed that I would never truly be able to answer this question truthfully, but that was before I welcomed BB cream into my life. My first encounter was the battling question of; BB VS CC? How can one possibly understand which is going to work best for what we are looking for without testing both? And the answer is you can't. My initial understanding was that CC was going to be my obvious winner, as someone who has suffered with skin blemishes my whole life this seemed like my answer. So I tried No17 CC cream and the results were incredible, for awhile. I suppose my positive reaction mainly develops from my scepticism from the beginning, I genuinely believed that this was not going to work and a waste of money but I'm a sucker for a beauty craze. This product works wonders for those who do not want to apply make up and are looking for light coverage, but this isn't want I want. This product is too light to wear alone but too heavy to act with foundation. So this brings me to re-examine how I shop for BB/CC creams; Can it work with my existing beauty routine?

My next route lead me to a MAC counter. With a few friends who work for the brand I decided to give it a go, already a fan of their lip, eye and powder products I was willing to give it a go. So I purchased the BB compact cream and began to test it. I applied under my foundation and it worked relatively well. It was light enough to work under my foundation and gave me more coverage than my concealer was offering so it seemed like all was well. After time the product just seemed to be drying up my skin which was the tell tale sign that it had to go. Now I suppose at this stage you are probably wondering why I wouldn't just ditch the foundation but for me this probably boils down to an insecurity. As I have previously stated in my posts, foundation is my friend! Again, it has to work with my existing beauty routine.

For those of you who don't know my foundation is Clinique, Stay Matte. I wrote a review on my love for the product here. So I just went to a Clinique counter and asked the question that I probably should have asked at the beginning, what is the best cream to work with this foundation? Naturally, she was going to say a Clinique product, which I had already prepared myself for and was okay with. I just wanted the right product that was going to do what I wanted it to. After explaining what I wanted from the product and the results I was looking for she suggested that BB cream was best, and this was what I went for. I've been using Clinique BB for two weeks now and honestly, I am really happy with it and the effects it has on my skin. The "Naked Face" trend seems like it's here to stay so why not discover a product which can not only achieve the look but gives you confidence also.

Love C X 

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