Saturday, 17 January 2015

Fusion Fever

 As someone who observes beauty trends from a distance, is somewhat intrigued by crazes and 'of the moment' products. Before Christmnas I attended a trend report presentaion in The Soho Hotel given by the beauty team at Stylist Magazine. Covering nail, hair and make-up looks which are set to have their 15 minutes of fame in SS15. As a hair product junkie it's obvious to say that due to my line of work I was in attendance to see their opinions ion this area but was pleasantly surprised at how interested I was in all the trend topics. Based on looks from Fashion Week last September we should be embracing the blue fusion look, and for many reasons I totally agree.        

Black eyeliner is a defining essential to my everyday make-up routine. I've tried every brand, every style (subtle for the day is the best approach) and it has become almost like a best friend.So it to say that it's extremely tough for me to not reach for my MAC Fluidlne in the morning is the biggest undestatement you'll read today! What can I say I'm a girl of tradition. But with all this being said, I'm in need of a fresh approch to daily beauty and trying new colours is the easiest way, and just in time for spring.  


,emtioned in my last post (whivh you can read here ) I mentioned one of the latest product buys, MAC Mountain Air Pencil Liner. Given a voucher for Christmas, I used tis to invest in some of the products that I either want to incorporate into my SS15 make up bag or just the clasic essentials. Since buying, I've used this liner once on a night out with the girls, and forgot to take a picture! Oops... 

Admittedly, this look could have worked out better, partly due to my eagerness to also showcase my new smoky eye shadow set. My thinking was that the liner would still be able to stand out amoungst the smoky shades whivh took up the rest of my eye, sadly it didn't. One big aspect that I didn't take into consideration was that a fluid liner as opposed to a pencil would have worked better. I think for future reference I'll stick to nude, muted tones on the eye lid when opting for this look again.    


One of the biggest reasons that I think will work in favour of this trend is I really don't see how this can't work with anyones skintone. I'm naturally quiet pale and try to keep my foundation to a similar shade. and then opt for a darker option for events and nights out and this colour worked really, really well. Particularly becasue I have blue eyes, the product compliments overall and I imagine that it would be just as beautiful on sallow, tan skin. If Mountain Air doens't float your boat, try something else. There are so many shades and brands (and budgets) to choose from that there is no excuse to at least try the trend. 

I can't wait to give this look another go, and this time I will absolutely post a picture on Instagram ( . 

                                                                LOVE C X      

Friday, 16 January 2015

January Loves

Beauty is the focus for this month. I'm in need of facials, smoothening balms and a core make-up kits that will ease me into the summer months. The masters of make-up, MAC, really delivered this year (along with the mother!) and I received the Christmas collection set as seen above. This set contains an eye shadow palette (black and white sheen), which I've been using as a highlighter on the brow bone and to compliment a dusty eye affect. Along with this the set also has Pro Pencil Eyeliner in Engraved,Jet Black Mascara and a beautiful black oval cosmetic bag. Blue eyeliner is a massive trend set to hit the beauty world for the coming season, so I managed to do some research for my perfect blue over Christmas. And although I went with MAC Pro Pencil in Mountain Air, Butter is brand which I've only heard great things about and would highly recommend for bold, bright colours. 

Contouring is a brand new feature to my life and after waisting alot of money, and patience, I think I've finally settled on the best approach fo me to take, based on my tone and skin type. More to come on this later in the month along with a feature on MAC Pro-longwear foundation.

As January is such a crap month, financially and socially, I've been spending a lot of nights in. Ideal for catching up on boxets that I've been meaning to watch over the past few months.  At the minute I'm hooked on Sons Of Anarchy (season 5!!!). But candles, candles are the main highight of my cosy nights in. Already a fan of low, dusty lighting, I strongly believe that these just so much more of a relaxed athmosphere to any room. My fave are Yankee Candles, ovbiously. 

All iteams, including links to buy, can be found here

Love C X

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Face of SS15

Over the past year I've completely changed my outlook to beauty and skincare, and primarily the money that I'm willing to pay for certain products. As someone who focused a lot of my attention and writing in fashion (clothing), I found it very hard to justify paying a significant amount of make up and skincare, when I'd already spent a couple of hundred on clothes, seriously! Thinking back at it now I realise the stupidity of this mentality, particularly as I'm someone who is prone to breakouts, blemishes and very sensitive skin. For me, as long as my clothes looked good I'd get over the rest. 

It was one day in my final year of college, a friend of mine commented on how her skin had broken out and how she needed to "step up her skincare game". As she began talking about all the products she usedI began I feeling like I wasn't do my skin any justice! A quick wipe of the face and some moisturiser and off to bed I went. Oops....       

I'm not going to go into too much detail on my skincare routine these days as I plan on covering that in another post in a few weeks. But this being said, I do feel it's important that my eyes have really been opened to the wonders of beauty, and I think I'm hooked! 

Make-up has always been a subject that I've ben really interested in, fascinated by even. It amazes me the tricks and techniques that a make-up artists knows but, honestly, I wasn't too bothered to research the answer. That was until about four months. Vlogs have been the main source of feeding my curiosity, as well as Pinterest & Instagram. The usual logging resources really, no shockers. But it has inspired me to invest wisely in which produvts I now buy, and (it's no sirprise) that MAC has successfully made it's way to my mini kit. 

My Daily Must-Haves... 

MAC Skin Prep & Prime   

MAC Pro Long-wear Foundation 

MAC Studio Fix Powder 

MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter 

Sleek Brow Kit 

MAC Pro Pot in Painterly 

Lord & Berry Black Pencil Liner (for under the lid) 

MAC Fluid Liner in Black for the lid line 

MAC Zoom Flash Mascara in Black 

Lips; Barely Bold Lip Liner & Brave,  or Faux 


                                                                 Love C X


Factory F 2015


So here we are, another year. One of the biggest New Years resolutions I made was to make more time for the things I love, something which really strayed from me over the past few months. Starting from now I plan on changing this. As I mentioned before (maybe 6 months ago, if you can remember that far back?) I made the big move to London, and that has been the biggest time factor in my life. Exploring & getting to know a new city has been the highlight of the last year for me, but unfortunately this took time away from my love for writing. Personally,2015 is about finding the perfect balance. I read recently in a certain bloggers post that she never apologises for taking a break from blogging, and i don't know if i 100% agree with this but I do believe that it's important to let my followers know where or what I've been doing. So I'm going to do just that! Below is a little insider into my life the past few months; what I've been doing, loving & looking forward to.        


Real Style Inspiration 

For those who don't know, I 've been working for a company called KAO for the past year in a PR & Communications role for beauty brands KMS California & Goldwell. The blogger in me takes this role to another level; social scheduling, analytics, and my favourite, the blog aspect! Real Style inspiration (.com!) is a whole site dedicated to the brand of KMS California. Covering topics realated to hair, beauty, fashion, & our newer focus on lifestyle has been extremely challagening, but equally as rewarding. When you're speaking as the voice of a brand it's a completly different ball game than speaking in the voice of yourself. For anyone wishing to work as a blogger or social media exec for a professional brand be aware of this. At first I really struggled to aggree to specific angles on posts but after some time you learn to differentiate the two. 

Right now the RSI blog is undergoing a major facelift, the blog redesign. This is something I've tried to push through for quiet awhile now and to say that it's actually happening is such a personal achievement. Fingers crossed, it should be ready in th next two weeks so I'll be able to share more with you then. 

London Musings 

"Savage Beauty" Alexander McQueen Exhibiton 



Opening in March, the V&A will host an exclusive exhibition on the work and life of Alexander McQueen and creative director, Sarah Burton. I 've spoken previosuly about my love for Alexander McQueen because of the expressive vision of the designers collection, and ability to portray that so effortlessly  events and shows.  Having first heard about this event about a year ago, I slotted it in the back of my mind as a 'must remeber to go to that' thought. But the excitment is building up all over London for this event as "the one that can't be missed"! This is a topic that I can't wait to cover in a post when I attend. Will you be going? 

"Audrey Hepburn" The Exhibition 


I've not been the biggest Audrey Hepburn fan, but saying that I'm very intrigued by her life. This event covers the life of the icon, running from 2nd July to October at the National Portrait Gallery. Exhibtions are hot in London over the next few months and these are my favourite choices. Which one will you go to? 



There are certain presents that I get every year for Christmas; Chloe perfume being the best one.The rest  including  pj's, socks and vouchers.  Honestly, it  really doesn't feel like Christmas until I have a new bottle of this in my hand. I guess you could say that it's become a CiCi traditon. I can't even explain why I love it so much, the scent is really refreshing which makes it the perfect choice for moving into those highly anticpated spring days. This is just a classic! If you haven't found your signature scent yet perhaps give this a go. Although, if it turns out you hate it please don't tell me, i couldn't bare to hear negative comments on my favourite scent. ;) 

                                                 So  that's what I've up to recenly and looking 
           forward to over the next few months.
   Until next time
         Love C X     


Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Editorial Edit #1

Ive always been very honest about using this blog as an expressive platform to voice my personal opinions of certain styles, trends, fashion collections, beauty products etc, I sometimes feel I cover a bit too much! I tend to be more specific in other projects but Factory F covers a vast range of beauty and fashion. In more recent times, perhaps a year, I have focused a lot of my time looking at campaigns from various different brands; how they work, what's the message, what's different, who cares about this campaign, who does it resonate with, how does it make them feel? Basically, dissecting marketing methods from afar. I've never done much with this information but simply just thought about it, but recently I thought It might make a nice additional feature to Factory F. 

You may be wondering what is the point of this, and to tell you the truth it's exactly like every other aspect of this blog, it's about sharing my opinions, thoughts and passions with you. It may also bring to light some brands that you may not be aware of or a new collection that you haven't yet seen. Naturally, I will share some actual real lIfe campaigns that I'm working on with my job but I won't dive straight into that. For this post I decided to talk about why I think editorials are such an important addition to brands, and personally I think a large factor is to visual resonate with people much more because it gives the  story of that brand or product. It's completely fair to say at this point that a press release also does that, but (and I say as someone who works in PR) does the image featured above not tell you more about message of that editorial and clothing rather than a paragraphs explaining where the clothes come from and what they should represent? 

 A lot of the images that I will share with you in this additional feature will come from publications as it will be these title editorials and featured advertising that I will be taking about. As a side note to this story, I recently. Started to download my favourites monthlys instead of popping down to the shop to buy them. Why did I start this I can hear you ask? Well, one of my personal highlights to read every month is Company magazine which has now transformed to a completely digital magazine. At first I was a bit unsure if how I felt about that because I love reading a physical copy in front of me but I've been readjusting. Actually that's putting it mild, I've been completely transformed into digital editions; Vogue, Elle, Company, Red, Marie Claire.... The list goes on but they all now get the download on my ipad each month. One major reason for my change of heart is down to the technical features! A major role within my job in social media and when I saw how interactive and social friendly these apps are made me realise that I'm actually not really on top of this digital age after all. Inspiration has  been restored! 

                                         I can't wait to share the first in this new series very soon. 
                                                                               Love C X 

Monday, 20 October 2014

October Faves

October Faves

 So, it's the return of autumn favourites. It's an annual revisit of heavy coats, denims and layering. Yay!!  These are without a doubt my top choices for this season. Stepping more towards autumnal shades with beauty,complimented with an oversized winter coat. River Island have a beautiful option which I have my eye on. Next payday it will be mine! Being a massive fan of black accessories is again reflected in footwear and my nail choice, the leather backpack is also amazing!! I've been debaiting a backpack for awhile as I question the safety issues but for fashion reasons I can't argue with how beautiful this one is. Full information on all items featured are below; 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

So, Factory F moves to London

I'm home! The past few months have been nothing short of manic, from work to settling in London and just enjoying life in a new city, I haven't really stopped. I've decided to take a few weeks to just chill out and relax, definitely well needed. Although the theme of this blog is primarily fashion and beauty, this post is slightly different. This is going to be more of an update on what I've been up to and I have to say, some of it has been really exciting!

Firstly, as I mentioned in a previous post I started working for two hair care brands at the beginning of the year; Goldwell & KMS California. This has been a really exciting and so far my role as PR & Comms  has been great. Working for such an established brand has allowed me to work on some really creative and large scale events; London Fashion Week being massive highlight for me.

Our brand sponsored the Bora Aksu show on day one at Somerset House. As this was my first time as LFW, I wasn't too sure what to expect but working backstage was definitively a privileged insight into understand the one of fashions most prestigious events. Meeting press, bloggers and stylists which I have admired from afar for years was overwhelming in the best way. Along with working backstage, sitting in the second row of one of the most talked about shows at this years fashion week topped this exceptional experience. The hair for the Bora Aksu show was styled by Sam Burnett, KMS California Ambassador. Read all bout the show and how to get the look here

So besides work London has been an adventure. After 7 months of living here I'm happy to be getting back into the swing of Factory F and returning to something that I love. I'm really excited to start sharing what life has been like over here; from fashion to food to art and back to fashion again. I suppose this has been a natural progression for this blog as interests have broadened since this blog first began a year ago. Fashion will remain my main focus but elements of lifestyle will drip feed through from time to time. Overall I feel this will be a positive change for me and for the future of Factory F.

Looking forward to sharing more exciting news with you
Love C X