Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Face of SS15

Over the past year I've completely changed my outlook to beauty and skincare, and primarily the money that I'm willing to pay for certain products. As someone who focused a lot of my attention and writing in fashion (clothing), I found it very hard to justify paying a significant amount of make up and skincare, when I'd already spent a couple of hundred on clothes, seriously! Thinking back at it now I realise the stupidity of this mentality, particularly as I'm someone who is prone to breakouts, blemishes and very sensitive skin. For me, as long as my clothes looked good I'd get over the rest. 

It was one day in my final year of college, a friend of mine commented on how her skin had broken out and how she needed to "step up her skincare game". As she began talking about all the products she usedI began I feeling like I wasn't do my skin any justice! A quick wipe of the face and some moisturiser and off to bed I went. Oops....       

I'm not going to go into too much detail on my skincare routine these days as I plan on covering that in another post in a few weeks. But this being said, I do feel it's important that my eyes have really been opened to the wonders of beauty, and I think I'm hooked! 

Make-up has always been a subject that I've ben really interested in, fascinated by even. It amazes me the tricks and techniques that a make-up artists knows but, honestly, I wasn't too bothered to research the answer. That was until about four months. Vlogs have been the main source of feeding my curiosity, as well as Pinterest & Instagram. The usual logging resources really, no shockers. But it has inspired me to invest wisely in which produvts I now buy, and (it's no sirprise) that MAC has successfully made it's way to my mini kit. 

My Daily Must-Haves... 

MAC Skin Prep & Prime   

MAC Pro Long-wear Foundation 

MAC Studio Fix Powder 

MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter 

Sleek Brow Kit 

MAC Pro Pot in Painterly 

Lord & Berry Black Pencil Liner (for under the lid) 

MAC Fluid Liner in Black for the lid line 

MAC Zoom Flash Mascara in Black 

Lips; Barely Bold Lip Liner & Brave,  or Faux 


                                                                 Love C X


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