Saturday, 17 January 2015

Fusion Fever

 As someone who observes beauty trends from a distance, is somewhat intrigued by crazes and 'of the moment' products. Before Christmnas I attended a trend report presentaion in The Soho Hotel given by the beauty team at Stylist Magazine. Covering nail, hair and make-up looks which are set to have their 15 minutes of fame in SS15. As a hair product junkie it's obvious to say that due to my line of work I was in attendance to see their opinions ion this area but was pleasantly surprised at how interested I was in all the trend topics. Based on looks from Fashion Week last September we should be embracing the blue fusion look, and for many reasons I totally agree.        

Black eyeliner is a defining essential to my everyday make-up routine. I've tried every brand, every style (subtle for the day is the best approach) and it has become almost like a best friend.So it to say that it's extremely tough for me to not reach for my MAC Fluidlne in the morning is the biggest undestatement you'll read today! What can I say I'm a girl of tradition. But with all this being said, I'm in need of a fresh approch to daily beauty and trying new colours is the easiest way, and just in time for spring.  


,emtioned in my last post (whivh you can read here ) I mentioned one of the latest product buys, MAC Mountain Air Pencil Liner. Given a voucher for Christmas, I used tis to invest in some of the products that I either want to incorporate into my SS15 make up bag or just the clasic essentials. Since buying, I've used this liner once on a night out with the girls, and forgot to take a picture! Oops... 

Admittedly, this look could have worked out better, partly due to my eagerness to also showcase my new smoky eye shadow set. My thinking was that the liner would still be able to stand out amoungst the smoky shades whivh took up the rest of my eye, sadly it didn't. One big aspect that I didn't take into consideration was that a fluid liner as opposed to a pencil would have worked better. I think for future reference I'll stick to nude, muted tones on the eye lid when opting for this look again.    


One of the biggest reasons that I think will work in favour of this trend is I really don't see how this can't work with anyones skintone. I'm naturally quiet pale and try to keep my foundation to a similar shade. and then opt for a darker option for events and nights out and this colour worked really, really well. Particularly becasue I have blue eyes, the product compliments overall and I imagine that it would be just as beautiful on sallow, tan skin. If Mountain Air doens't float your boat, try something else. There are so many shades and brands (and budgets) to choose from that there is no excuse to at least try the trend. 

I can't wait to give this look another go, and this time I will absolutely post a picture on Instagram ( . 

                                                                LOVE C X      

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